Multimedia: Mentoring

For the multimedia project, I decided to do a sound slideshow on our responsibility to mentoring. Mentoring is a huge part of my life. I have changed immensely because of the opportunity to mentor and guide 6th and 8th grade girls.

This video has pictures of when I co-planned a Girls Day at Otterbein¬†for approximately 50 middle school girls. The theme behind the day was Superwomen of Social Change. It was centered around how we, as women, can stop bullying. We had the girls learn about what makes an effective campaign and we had them each design an anti-bullying poster. We also gave the girls a tour of Otterbein’s campus. Their favorite activity of the day was eating in the all-you-can-eat Campus Center.

This day was important because it gave a chance for the girls to see a college campus and gave them the opportunity to see what their future can hold. The day also equipped them with knowledge on how to stop bullying at their middle school.

The two sound bites in my slideshow are two mentors, Calli and Rachael. They have mentored the 8th grade girls and they share why it is our responsibility, as an older generation, to help guide the young girls. Every time we step into the room we are role models and we need to be aware of that. Also, the background song is one of my favorite songs. It is called Gold by Britt Nicole. It is a song about how everyone, no matter if you’re a boy or girl, has worth and your worth surpasses gold. I think it adds an upbeat dynamic for the viewers. Enjoy!

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